ANTIQUE SILVER MATCH SAFE PAIR POINT Vesta Case "A Flag for the World" American Flag Patriotic Theme

$ 195.00

Antique Pairpoint Silver Plated Vesta Match Safe Case, American Flag Motif "A Flag for the World". Early match safe from a high quality maker Pairpoint. Long before Pairpoint made fine glass they were a silver and gold plated manufacturer of high quality items like this wonderful match safe. The safe has a raised embosses American Flag and is advertising "A Match of the World".

The inside edge of the case is marked Pairpoint MFG Co. The opposite inner edge is marked 5014 for the model number. The case measures 2 1/2" high by 1 1/2" wide. when closed. The case is in good condition for it's age. Hinge is nice and snug without damage or repairs. Snaps shut securely. The bottom striker is in very good condition. The outer surface has a nice patina. The plan back side has a line ding, the bottom left and left edge has a ding and the front right corner has a ding (Side with Flag I am calling the front). It was loved and used at one time! Would make a great tic tac or small pill dispenser.

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