Camille Le Tallec France Hand Painted Limoges Porcelain Gilt Brass Framed Footed Ashtray

$ 325.00

Vintage Camille Le Tallec Hand Painted France Limoges Porcelain Gilt Brass Framed Footed Ash Tray. A fabulous Limoges ash tray hand painted by Atelier Le Tallec.
I was not able to find the name of this pattern so I will do my best to describe it's beauty. The design was most likely inspired by patterns and colors of the late 18th Century. The ash tray dish has a gilt or gold plated brass footed frame accented by a little leaf at one end. I assume it was designed as a cigarette rest. The porcelain is white with deep green and red colors. Accented with more gilt wreaths and lines. The frame is also trimmed with a small bead design. So elegant. Would be wonderful in a study or on a desk.

The underside of the tray is marked in red script for Le Taller, Paris, France. This wonderful porcelain piece decorated by the Atelier Camille Le Tallec in Paris is signed by an LT motif in a Sèvres-like mark. Inside the LT motif is a letter WW to indicate it was made in 1965. Also has artist initials LC. The writing on the base is as beautiful as the painting.

The tray measures about 6" long x 4.5" wide x 1 3/4" high. Overall condition is very good with no visible damage or repairs. Has a nice aged patina on the brass trim. No chips or cracks on the porcelain. May have some slight tarnish spots on the gilding.

About the Artist:
Camille Le Tallec was born in Paris from Breton of Lorient and Picard ancestry. He graduated in 1929 from the prestigious École du Louvre in Paris with a thesis on the Nast porcelain of the 18th century. He then took over, in 1930, the familial hand-painted porcelain studio founded in Belleville (Paris) early in the century.

Rapidly, Le Tallec decided to continue in the tradition of the Vincennes porcelain and Sèvres porcelain, expanding the small and local business, the Atelier Le Tallec. In thirty years, the studio created hand-painted porcelain tablewares for famous individuals such as Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Kings Mohammed V and Hassan II of Morocco, the Ville de Paris or the French Republic, amongst others.

In 1961, Le Tallec started a fruitful collaboration with the silver and jewelry firm Tiffany & Co. which led in 1990 to the Atelier Le Tallec's incorporation into the American company, one year before his death in Paris. Tiffany's and Le Tallec designed successful original and private porcelain patterns that can be seen both at the Viaduc des Arts of the promenade plantée in the 12th arrondissement of Paris and in all Tiffany's stores in the United-States.

Over 60 years, Le Tallec has maintained traditional hand-painted porcelain. He preserved and revisited about 375 original and historical patterns signed by the Le Tallec's marks. Atelier Le Tallec was inducted as a member of the Grands Ateliers de France (the fifty best studios in France) in 2000.

Le Tallec also acquired from 1935 to 1955 prestigious pieces of European porcelain. His exceptional collection was dispersed by auction in 1990, and some masterpieces acquired by international museums such as the Louvre, the musée de la Faïence de Marseille, and the musée de l'Île-de-France and various porcelain collectors.

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