Art Deco Sterling Silver Hand Hammered Mini Flask Style Perfume Bottle

$ 125.00

Vintage Art Deco Sterling Silver Hand Hammered Design Mini Flask Style Perfume Bottle. The bottle features a classic Art Deco hand hammered design on the front with and back. Nice intricate design on the top areas as well as a line border. Each side also has a cartouche area near the bottom. One side is engraved MN and the other side is engraved luv 24 for the year 1924. This one is a bit larger than the purse ones usually are so it is a nice one.

The top is hallmarked sterling. The bottle measures approximately 2 1/4" tall x 1 3/8" wide across. The dauber is intact and is original and screws on properly. The bottle is in good condition for it's age. Nice aged patina with only modest surface wear. Has a faint perfume residue scent. Wonderful for any collector!

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