Antique 14K GOLD MOUNTED TIGER CLAW Pendant Charm British Raj Period Tourist Souvenir Jewelry

$ 195.00

Antique Victorian 14k Gold Mounted Tiger Claw Pendant. A lovely victorian souvenir. 
In the late 1800's during the British colonization of India, animal claw jewelry became very popular. It was the Victorian period known as the 'British Raj' period. This style of jewelry was made to appeal to tourists  to take home as gift.

The claw is nicely mounted on a patterned tested 14k gold mount. Can be worn as a pendant or added to a bracelet or even a watch fob. The claw measures about 1" long and 1" wide. The overall condition is quite good. The back has a tiny round hole on gold area and I think one on the claw although the claw hole may be natural. Not sure what the hole was for. perhaps it had a pin back at one time. No other issues. 

This is an antique late 1800s item, pre dated 1947 and has worked meaning changed from its natural form into a piece of jewelry and can be legally sold. 

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